Kayyur is where one of the first Communist peasant rebellions happened, and the British hanged four of its young men for it.

Madathil Appu, the first accused in the Kayyur on March 29, 1943. Hanged with him was Chirukandan, Kunhambu Nair and Abu Backer. History says the Kayyur rebellion had much to do with the village’s oppressed peasantry being pushed relentlessly into debt traps by the landowners, who tormented them in other ways too with the help of the police.

Kayyur, the cradle of agrarian revolution in Kerala, is located in Kasargod District.
Situated on the banks of the Kariangode River(The great ‘THEJESWANI’), the village is famous for the Kayyur Revolt. The farmers and workers of this village conducted a historic fight against feudalism and British imperialism. The revolt took an ugly turn during its course and a police constable was killed. Four brave lads were hanged in connection with this incident on March 29, 1943.

The place is located near Cheruvathur. Cheruvathur Railway Station is the nearest railhead.